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Administrative Law


Our attorneys have many years of experience representing businesses, contractors, engineers, and owners with professional licensing issues, as well as in prosecuting or defending licensing complaints of all types. 

Construction Law


We make it a point to educate all of our clients on Las Vegas construction law, so they can limit the legal mistakes that can jeopardize their projects, as well as the viability of their company.

Business Law


At Tony M. May, P.C., we have years of experience assisting our clients with business law issues and our attorneys understand how best to help our clients protect themselves through appropriate business agreements and accurate contract drafting.


If you are considering filing bankruptcy, our lawyers can help you determine whether or not bankruptcy is right for you with our half hour free legal bankruptcy consultations!

Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Tony M. May, P.C. have years of experience working with landlords and commercial tenants to ensure that their rights and property are legally protected.

Contract Drafting

When you are entering into a new business venture, operating agreement, or business partnership, it is crucial that you have appropriate, effective and legally binding agreements to ensure you can protect your property and legal rights.

Contact Information

No matter what stage of a business dispute you find yourself in, our attorneys will be able to assess your situation, find options for resolving the dispute, and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Taking a New Approach to Help Las Vegas Businesses

Since the firm’s opening in 2009, the Law Offices of Tony M. May, P.C. have been working with clients providing legal advice to Las Vegas businesses and individuals. Through the combined experience of our attorneys, our firm has a backgrounds in many different industries and we are ready to educate you on your various legal matters.

We firmly believe that, in order to promote the best interest of our clients and obtain the best possible legal outcome, it is imperative that we educate each and every client about their legal issues. This way, when we share information with our clients, they can, in turn, provide us with all of the pertinent information we need to help us help them.

Our Las Vegas Business Law Practices

lasvegasbusinesslawBecause we have attorneys who are skilled in a multitude of areas, Tony M. May, P.C. is proud to provide Las Vegas businesses and individuals with legal services in all of the following categories:

• Administrative law
• Business law
• Construction law
• Contract drafting/negotiation
• Consumer Bankruptcy
• Lease agreement drafting/negotiation
• Real Estate Law


No matter which of the above-mentioned areas of law you find yourself in need of assistance, our attorneys will be able to assess the situation, find the best possible solution, and educate you in the processes we are using, so we can work together as a team to achieve the best outcome possible.

Meeting with Attorneys Who Use Las Vegas Business Law to Help You

Rather than dive headfirst into business or personal disputes without knowing where you are going or what your rights are, consider getting one of the attorneys from Tony M. May, P.C. to assist you so that our firm can provide you with the legal information needed to help you help yourself. Whether you’re starting a new business, negotiating a contract, having lease issues, or filing a construction claim, we will help you see the bigger picture and work within the laws to make them benefit you.